Solo Flight

I’m feeling the rumble. I’ve been house-sitting and couch-surfing for a couple of months. Sitting, surfing and more recently shoveling.

Solo, my 4 legged best friend’s vitality is waning. He is lumpy, bumpy, warty, a little off kilter. This once extreme athlete is struggling with stairs, drinks excessive water and is having trouble holding his pee. Sometimes, because he can’t hold his leg up and he ends up hitting his front legs with the stream. He is obsessed with food, snorts and snores and his old body is producing enough gas to affect global warming. My friends that tolerate this are TRUE friends.

A few weeks ago he followed a complete stranger out of the park thinking it was me. the eyes and ears aren’t what they used to be.

He may have similar stories to tell of me. I take a long time to remember where the keys are. My eyes and ears not as sharp and only he would know if I snore. I don’t hike the big hills and use him as an excuse. I need easy access to the bathrooms.

We met on-line about 13 years ago. It is like the Plenty of Fish dating site but more loyal and less baggage.

His amazing life has included all the rivers we crossed between Vancouver and the Yukon, several trips by different routes to the American South West, including a year in Santa Fe, a stint in a Northern BC tree planting camp where dangers included blood sucking mosquitoes, black flies and the lesser of the evils, bears.

He has some amazing aunties that take over when I can’t offer what he deserves. So much gratitude to them.

So we are leaving in a few days for points south.20200121_131811

 It will be his last road trip. His bed in the van is deluxe cushy with a view. I promise to lavish him with body rubs, and walks by the rivers he still loves. 

There isn’t any question that he is a rescue dog. His work is nearly done.


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