Welcome to National Poetry Month. It is also National Sexual Abuse Awareness month, April Fool’s Day, my friend’s birthday and a full blue moon. Participating in NaPoWriMo  is doing one a day, like vitamins. I already missed April 1st. I’ll do my best.  This one is for the moon.pexels-photo-735638.jpeg

La Luna

 On the the cusp of your five-billionth birthday

As a battered crater satellite

Sometimes blue,

 blood or harvest

And plain old white


La luna

Hangs out with stars

The celebrity of night

Arrives on a diamond carpet of evening


With extraordinary round, pearl opulence

Pondered by Pythagoras, Copernicus

Aristotle and Galileo.


Eternal host of upturned eyes

a full throat howl

companion to earth

Bound by gravity and a rotating devotion

Serenaded by owl

Your fullness, causal to

lunatic graces and moonstruck madness

   and a birthing of babies 


With a generosity of luminosity

Wax and wane

Crescent, gibbous, half and quarter full

 a sideways smile

devining tides and defining months

summing up years

counting eternity.


     Coranne Creswell